Use cases

Discover how Taikun can benefit and elevate your business


IT Business

 IT Development companies utilize our platform for lightning-fast application lifecycle thanks to the modern CI/CD approach and containerization, where


Taikun allows them to utilize Kubernetes infrastructure without the need for extensive knowledge of said infrastructure 



Taikun also serves greatly to enterprises as a tool for managing and hosting internal applications. Enterprises are already benefiting from the usage of Kubernetes because it allows them fast and effective deployment of virtual machines which can be configured to specific needs. 

Taikun offers significant cost-saving in those use-cases since business isn't required to invest in additional infrastructure team dedicated to Kubernetes deployment and monitoring due to the fact that the majority of those tasks can be covered by Taikun.


Web Developers

Web development teams and consumer application developers also benefit from our Taikun platform which allows them to have all applications containerized and make our ready-made Kubernetes available.


The main benefit of our supplied Kubernetes opposed to ones provided by the big cloud providers lies in being fully open and customizable to user needs.


Developer teams often lack the capacity and/or team members to fully deploy and manage Kubernetes which is now possible with Taikun with the additional benefit of extensive monitoring that minimizes possible downtime and maximises availability.