Taikun - Your Kubernetes Engineer

Taikun is the cloud management tool to help you to accelerate your business and development. It acts as part of your technical team and to help you achieve your goals and to satisfy your and your customers' needs


Technical superiority

- Taikun is able to create various Kubernetes clusters whilst utilizing various public cloud platforms 

- Virtual infrastructures can be deployed with ease with our integrated automatization from within Taikun

- Taikun also provides detailed monitoring, logging, and alerting of your clusters and pods running in created environments

- Kubernetes environments are fully adjustable with various types of access profiles, Kube configs, Kubernetes versions

- Run your Taikun operations based on CLI API calls


Management perfection

- Have control over the development of the assigned projects through our compact dashboard

- Assign members of your team to your projects and set their available resources and permission

- Overseer current progression with our included detailed event and audit log

- Have detailed inside information about all available flavors and allocate only those that fit your project needs


Precise billing

- Have your infrastructure costs under control with our billing tools

- Be able to allocate expenses based on individual project consumption

- Create your own billing rules to eliminate overspend on infrastructure

- Taikun pricing is 100% transparent


Customer service support

- Have your dedicated CSM help you with any potential issues

- Reach us over email, chat or phone with up to 24/7 availability

- Our detailed documentation and API documentation is at your disposal

- User and technical seminars and workshops can be arranged on an individual basis and needs


Take control of your DevOps

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